Writing Our Way Home was a mindful writing project by Staya Robyn, and Kaspalita Thompson.

It closed in October 2018.

If you took part in any of our mindful writing courses, or our small stones writing experiences - thank you. We appreciated sharing your writing journeys with you. We'd love to cross paths with you again at some point.

Satya continues to practice therapy, and to write. She is currently writing a non-fiction book on refuge, weekly letters to her followers and small stones. You can find her online at www.satyarobyn.com or look for her on social media.

You can find detials of Kaspa's current projects including his therapy practice and podcast - Rainforest Mind - at www.kaspathompson.co.uk, or search for Rainforest Mind on itunes.

The Buddhist temple they run together is Amida Mandala. If you are interested in Pureland Buddhist check out the temple website at www.amidamandala.com or visit the virtual temple: Friends of Amida